Polypropylene Bags

We offer a wide variety of strong woven Polypropylene Bags (WPP Bags).

Our woven poly bags are used in various applications in the feed, seed, mineral, fiberĀ and construction industries. These bags are sturdy, strong and tear resistant.

Small WPP bags are commonly used for sand bags and are available with UV protection and a tie string, or they can be easily closed with a wire tie. They are also widely used for gravel, aggregates, debris, building materials and construction.

Medium WPP bag sizes are used in the feed and grain industry and for packagingĀ grass seed, rice, corn, beans / pulses, chemicals, coal, salt, small parts or other dry materials.

Larger WPP bag sizes are used for debris removal and cleaning, bulky materials, storage and more.

Custom printing and design are available. We can customize any poly bag with your specified size, logo and imprint. Do not hesitate to Contact Us for your special packaging needs.

White opaque circular Woven Poly Bags (WPP Bags) are available in the following sizes:
14 x 26 23 x 40 30 x 40
18 x 30 24 x 40 32 x 45
18.5 x 35 25 x 40 35 x 48
20 x 31 26 x 40 40 x 80
22 x 36 27 x 40 40 x 100
22 x 40 28 x 40