Naylor Seed Co.

Naylor Seed was established in 1920 by Ray Naylor, a depot agent for the Milwaukee Railway. It has been family owned ever since, with David J. Naylor as the third generation owner. Naylor Seed is a national retail and wholesale distributor of seed and related products, with a dealer network throughout the Midwest.

Product Offering
Key products include cutting edge Hybrid alfalfa, forage grasses, clovers, seed corn, soybeans, branded Multioats, turf grasses, native grasses, and a lineup of many specialty grains, grasses and other products.

Naylor Seed is also the seed source for landscapers, lawn care companies, golf courses and ball parks. We provide these companies turf seed products ranging from specific varieties of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses, fescues and turf blends to meet their individual needs.

Naylor Seed has equipment for cleaning all types of seed from grains, forage seed and grasses to soybeans and native grasses.

Naylor Seed is also a designated Certified Organic Seed Conditioner, which allows us to condition many types of organic seed.

We have a custom built blending system for grasses and forages that allows us to do custom blends of seed with prior notice of 24 hours or less.

Naylor Seed can ship seed practically anywhere via our own trucks or by use of commercial carriers.

Our grains, brome grass and soybeans are supplied to us by our selected growers. This allows us to control the quality all the way from planting to the final product ready for sale.

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